Can HVAC Units Damage a Commercial Roof?

Business owners and facility managers often have many tasks at once. Keeping their customers and employees comfortable is usually their first priority. Industrial strength HVAC units are installed on commercial buildings’ roofs to maintain this level comfort. They are kept away from the public. Although it is important to have a temperature-controlled building, it can also cause roof problems.

Condensation – Leakage is one of the most common problems with HVAC roofing. Although HVAC units release vaporized water into the atmosphere, it is possible for this water to pool at the base of your unit. This can lead to roof leaks, roof deterioration, and mold growth. It is essential to inspect your HVAC unit regularly and to install drainage systems that channel excess condensation away from the roof.

Walking on the roof – While it is important to have your roof’s HVAC unit inspected regularly to extend its life expectancy and catch leaks early, servicemen who don’t know how to properly walk on an industrial roof could cause serious damage. Exceeding foot traffic can put a strain on commercial roof membranes, causing cracks and leaks. It is important to instruct roofers who are going to inspect your roof that they should not be walking on sidewalks.

Poor installation – Industrial HVAC units can be heavy and bulky and could have costly consequences if they’re not properly installed. Some facility managers will have to fix the same leak over and over, only to find out that it is actually due to poor installation. To protect your roof’s integrity, it is a good idea to have a roofing contractor supervise the installation.

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