Faulty Pool Barrier – What are the Most Common Causes?

As a property owner, it is your duty to take good care of your swimming pool and surround it with the right type of fence. Serious pool-related accidents mainly happen because of the condition of the fence. A pool owner must be vigilant and check their pool fence to ensure it meets state regulations. A faulty fence can cause serious issues such as drowning or pool non-compliance.

Cheap Material

One of the main reasons why you have a faulty pool barrier is the quality of the material you have purchased. Some property owners think that surrounding their pool with any type of material is enough to be compliant, but it depends on the quality of the fence. Sydney swimming pool compliance will only be issued if your pool is surrounded by a fence that meets regulations.

There are plenty of different materials on the market and to avoid any serious pool incidents, you must choose one that will guarantee safety. Before you invest in a pool fence, you must plan ahead and carefully consider the layout of your property and material you plan on buying.

Poor Installation

Another reason why pool fences fail is due to inadequate installation. Most of the time this happens because of substandard installation teams. The builder doesn’t have enough experience to successfully complete the project and the pool fence ends up falling apart or failing to function as it is supposed to do. If the pool fence is not professionally installed, the property owner could end up paying out money for injuries or non-compliance.

Inexperienced DIYer

Some people are avid DIYers and they like to do home improvements by themselves. The only problem is that not all of them can correctly install a pool fence and ensure it meets pool compliance regulations. When a pool fence is installed around a swimming pool, it must be done professionally, otherwise, the inspector will not issue a certificate of compliance. If you are going to fit the barrier by yourself, make sure you fully understand state pool fencing regulations.

As a pool owner, you must take some time to thoroughly inspect your pool fencing to ensure it meets state regulations. If you are planning on changing your pool fence, you must choose the right material and have it installed by a professional contractor. If it is not correctly fitted, it will fail inspections by pool compliance officers.


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