Interesting Interior Design Concepts for Your Home Refurbishment

The majority of proud homeowners want their homes to look great as they are, in some regards, a reflection of both our personality and reputation. For this and other reasons, we are continually looking to improve our homes so that they have a certain level of comfort, sophistication, and luxury. When looking to update the rooms in our house, we can take ideas from new furniture design, interior design shows and other mediums. This article will look at ten trends that today’s interior designers are using in their showpieces, homes, and designs; these range from colour schemes to modern takes on classic furniture. Bangkok’s stores and online retailers have everything you need to improve and update your home using one of two of these great concepts.

Great Ideas for Your New Design Project

  • Home Offices Hideaways – with many of us now working from home, workstations and desks are disguised as writing bureaus and drinks cabinets.
  • Dye Coloured Concrete – stamp your mark on a new kitchen or bathroom with concrete coloured in bright colours; it is fast becoming the interior designer’s material of choice.
  • Wavy Wood Furniture – Straight-edged wooden tables and chairs are out in favour of pieces with fluid and curvy natural-looking forms.
  • Convivial Seating – furniture designers are bringing back together with a new range of seating options which encourage us to sit closer together.
  • Antique Heritage Tiles – antique or reclaimed tiles are hot right now, with vintage patterns and colours forming a decorative approach in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Luxurious Outdoor Lighting – to encourage us to spend more time in our gardens, high-end handheld lamps in plush brass or anodised metal and LED tech will be the style in gardens next year.
  • Cool Ocean Tones – reminding us of the reassuring colour of the sea, aqua is set to be one of the hot colours for next year; use it in furniture or small accessories for a cooling flash of style.
  • Cork Flooring Tiles – with superb thermal properties, are now a great alternative to underfloor heating; this trend is eco-friendly and available in various colours.
  • Pure White Lamps – this new trend is about doing away with colour and emphasising shape and form; instead, invest in cool futuristic lamp designs.
  • Wickerwork Furniture – the amazing art of rattan weaving is on the comeback; sustainable wickerwork furniture is increasingly popular in high street stores.

If you are planning to refurbish one of the rooms in your home next year, use one of these great design ideas to create a stunning new décor to show off to friends and family alike.

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