Options To Consider When Having An Automatic Gate Installed On Your Property

Installing electric gates is an excellent option to improve your home’s aesthetic qualities and security. They can look fantastic when added to your property and help turn your home into your castle, and they can also help significantly improve your property’s security. There are various options you can consider for your property, depending on your requirements, and below, you can see some of the different choices and options you have.

A Choice Of Materials

When looking at electric gates from GDS Property Services or other reputable suppliers, you can use various materials for your automatic gates. Common materials include timber, aluminium and wrought iron, and each material has different pros and cons. However, an excellent option that is lightweight and requires the least maintenance is aluminium, and you can have this powder coated in marine-grade paint to protect the metal.

The Type Of Opening

There are also different opening mechanisms for automatic gates, and you must consider the best solution for your home aesthetically and security-wise. The options can include the following:

Swing Gates: These gates take up the most space as the area where gates open must be kept clear, and you will also need a more powerful motor than when installing sliding gates.

Sliding Gates: Sliding gates are a popular option for many homeowners and are often cheaper than swing gates. They also require less room as they slide to the side along the property line.

Cantilever Gates: You can also get cantilever gates that lift upwards. However, these are more common on industrial and commercial properties than residential ones, and if they are not monitored, they are not very secure.

Pedestrian Access

You may also need to have pedestrian access to your property, ad you do not want them using the road with vehicles. As such, you can have a pedestrian doorway added to your property and you can have a keypad installed so you need a code to unlock it.

Additional Features

There are optional extras you can include with your automatic gates that do not come as standard with many options. Some of the added extras you can consider having are as follows:

Remote Controls: You can install remote controls in your vehicles to open and close the gates by pushing a button. You will need a remote for each vehicle, or you will need to install a keypad.

Keypad: Having a keypad to open and close your gates is handy when the batteries in your remote go, or you lose the remote entirely. You can enter a code into the keypad, which automatically opens the gates.

Automatic Opening: You can also use more advanced systems that recognise the car and automatically open the gates, either using ANPR or RFID technologies. These are ideal when the weather is bad, so you do not have to get out, and they can have the gates open for when you arrive at the property.

Video Cameras: You can also install a video camera system to see who is using your gate. It is ideal when you have deliveries, and you can use the latest technology to monitor the cameras while on the go using your phone or computer, wherever you are.

You can choose these options for your new electric gate system, but more options may be available, speak to your local specialists today and see what they can offer.

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