Resurfacing the Driveway: What Are My Options?

Sooner or later, your driveway will start to show signs of wear and when that time comes, you need to look at all of the available options. Indeed, you are spoilt for choice, with the following materials:

  • Block paving – Not the cheapest but for many, block paving is as good as it gets; tough, durable and using several colours, you can create a stunning pattern. The blocks are much thicker that regular pavers in Harrogate and when laid correctly, provide a solid platform that will take the weight of that motorhome you have your eye on.
  • Asphalt – Tarmac is cost-effective and adds order to any property; when talking to contractors, make sure the thickness is more than 3 inches and that they guarantee their work. Google can help you find a few local contractors and you can ask each to quote for the project.
  • Concrete – Any colour you have in mind can be ordered ready-mixed and with the right hand tools, you can be very creative with the finish. Steel rebar is recommended and with a local contractor, you can be sure of a professional job that will stand the test of time.
  • Man-made pavers – Though not popular, if professionally installed, you will have a solid platform for your cars.
  • Resin-bound – This is a very popular choice; you can have the pebbles without the loose stones, which come in a range of sizes and colours. Most driveway contractors work with resin bound aggregates.

If you search with Google Images, you can view stunning driveways, which might provide the inspiration for your concept.

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