Roof Maintenance Tasks To Do Before Winter

We all enjoyed the 2021 summer, which gave us relief from the freezing wind and drizzling rain that the unpredictable British weather is known for. Now the autumn is fast approaching, which is the perfect time for that annual roof inspection and with that in mind, here are some essential tasks that make up a roof inspection.

  • Tile Inspection – You can’t really do this from ground level, but one of the roofers in Leamington Spa carries out roof inspections and should you need to replace a few tiles, the roofer has a perfect match.
  • Cleaning Out Guttering – This is essential, as the guttering is an escape route for excess rainwater and should the guttering or downpipes get blocked, water will run down the exterior walls. The roofing contractor would have a heavy-duty suction machine that eats moss and wet leaves, then the worker can rinse and clean the inner surfaces.
  • Fascia & Soffit Boards – These are typically made from wood and require painting; many UK homeowners change these top PVC lengths, which are maintenance-free. High winds can cause a board to become loose, which should be re-attached.
  • Power Wash – If you have a power wash machine, a set of ladders and a few hours will clean the moss, dirt and grime from the roof, transforming the look. If you contact a local roofer, he would be happy to apply a silicone sealant, which prolongs the life of the roof.

Once your roof has been closely inspected, you can rest assured that your home will be well-protected during the harsh winter.

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