The Issues with Dog Treat Subscription Boxes you need to know.

There are few people who want to get locked into a bad deal for a year, even with their dog subscription box.

We personally sell an amazing healthy dog treats subs box in Australia (full of meat based single ingredient treats) – but not every offering from our competitors is equal.  In this brief article we will look at what to look out for, before you commit.  And hope you find something of value in your own country.

Essentially, we will discuss the major concerns with purchases in the industry as a whole, and if you want to avoid the pitfalls, what you need to be aware of.

Dog Treat Subscription Boxes – the issues

A   Limited control of the offering

Its true, when you sign up for an offering, you are being locked into a purchase.    The pros are that its often at a great discounted price AND it offers you protection against inflation over the upcoming year.

The control you have is based on what you select in the beginning.  Make sure that each pack contains what you know your dog will enjoy and what they won’t be allergic to etc.  For instance, we offer typically three to four treats (single ingredient) in each offering.  AND we offer these in two sizes.

But if you think that your dog mightn’t enjoy those three treats for the year, we also offer an option where we rotate THREE of the three pack options through a three-month cycle.  That means your dog doesn’t get the same three treats for another two months.


I was surprised that this came up as a problem in forums. 

Then I read the fine print on the results, and the issue was actually about the quality of each treat AND the nutritional value.  If you have bought from the company before, ie trialled the specific treats you are going to get, then you will know what quality to expect.

Similarly we mostly sell single ingredient treats, because 100% meat, is 100% meat (no sneaky additives) –  and you know that they are going to get the protein hit they need.

So unless the meat is spoiled, you will pretty much know what amino acids you are getting into your dog and how much more protein is available for them to build muscle etc.

C,   COLOURING and Additives causing possible allergen risks.

Again, this is a consumer choice.  You can choose to buy treats that have pretty colours, or ones that are just the natural colour that the meat is dried to. Please note you will find that most single ingredient meat treats don’t actually even require preservatives, let alone colors.

Preservatives, colouring and things that can complicate tracking down allergy reactions are usually the domain of compound treats (those that are based on grain with a little or no meat).

  1. Subscription BOX commitment

Do you have commitment phobia?  While some people by on purpose for the convenience, the assuredness that they won’t run out of treats, and even price stability, some people might consider the commitment just too much for themselves.

While some subs box companies might allow you to pause, modify or cancel the subscription, it will usually involve a penalty if you cancel, because Afterall, you did receive a discount for your commitment.

This will all depend on the type of company you are dealing with, as well as how much you expect them to bend to your will.


We think that subs boxes are a great idea, but only if the dog treats are better nutrition than what a dog gets in its commercial grain filled dog food.

Its true, a subscription box for dog treats is a commitment, but if you choose wisely, you will guarantee yourself quality treats all year around, with a discount, and no chance of inflation to increase that price.

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