Tree Care: Why Is The Pruning Of Trees Essential?

Pruning which can be done by Earth Development amongst others is essential to keep the trees healthy and bloom. Enough air and light must penetrate through the crown to keep the fruit tree vital. This means that you remove the branches that do not fit into the growth pattern of the branches. In late autumn and winter, this is easier to see, as leaves do not cover the branches. Thus, the work can be done more precisely. The less attack surface your trees offer, the better.

How Do I Cut My Trees Correctly?

First of all, you should remove shoots growing inward and water shoots. These are disruptive factors that occasionally grow upwards and thus disrupt the growth pattern. Depending on the size and the type of tree, it is advisable to mark the length to be removed. Chalk, for example, is suitable for this. This way, you don’t lose track and implement the desired form more precisely. Experience has shown that the lengths are better adhered to if the cut is made from top to bottom.

Make sure to remove the branches that are growing from the outside in. This disrupts the flow of light and air. A pyramid shape is generally recommended. This means that you remove fewer branches at the lower end of the crown than at the top. This makes for a nice appearance and helps the tree to absorb light. In general, all competing shoots, i.e., secondary shoots, are removed. This includes side and water shoots, as well as dead branches. The main shoots are shortened.

Loppers For Pruning Trees

Overall, it is advisable to keep fruit and leaf shoots in balance. Therefore, the tree should have approximately the same number of shoots with blossoms as those without blossoms. At the highest points of the branches, the so-called water drives emerge, of which only a few remain. These later helps shape the crown. You should spare fruit shoots that have a strong growth from a cut. Individual shoots that protrude more than 45 ° usually do not bear any fruit. You cut these off as close to the branch with appropriate loppers. Dead shoots must also be removed. These are a pure burden on the tree and are susceptible to fungus. Free your trees from dead branches.

When Is The Best Time To Cut Trees?

The best time to cut trees is in October and November. Autumn is perfect for pruning the trees, as the lack of foliage means that the wood structures are visible. When the leaves fall, the trees begin to rest, ideal for pruning. Even in spring, around March and April, the tree still bears few or no leaves and fruits, which is why spring is also ideal for tree pruning. However, we would prefer to prune the tree in autumn, giving the tree enough time to regenerate before the new blossom, to avoid mistakes, use an expert like Earth Development amongst others for your tree care.

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